Our Services

Welcome to Ford Bits, your one-stop-shop for Ford spares! We offer many services to Ford owners that all result in a huge savings. Our main service is to supply quality used Ford spares which we remove from all of our breaking late-model Ford vehicles. Why pay those high prices for brand new parts when you can save a huge fraction of the price by buying a second hand part that has many years of use remaining on it. All spares are inspector prior to removal then cleaned and assessed once removed, this is to ensure you receive only the best parts, giving you many more years of reliable motoring. So, if you require some replacement parts for your vehicle, please checkout our shopRecovery

If you breakdown or have broken down and looking to have your vehicle recovered, we offer a 24-hour nationwide recovery service. We will safely removed your vehicle from the roadside and will transport it to the destination of your choice. We may also be able to assist in getting your vehicle back on the road by our team of mechanics. Call us today if you are in need of assistance.

Engine Fitting

Has your Ford died and require a new engine? We have a wide selection of Ford petrol and diesel engines that are awaiting a new owner. All of our engines have the mileage recorded, so you know exactly how many miles your new engine will have. What makes it easy for you, is that we can offer engine fitting to your car, which is a huge relief for many of our customers as this saves so much time and effort. If you need an engine, call us today for your best quote!

Servicing and Repairs

Is your Ford in need of some TLC? We can help! We have thousands of parts available that are there to replace tired, worn, old parts. Bring your car down to Ford Bits today, one of our mechanics will assess your vehicle and give you a detailed list of what needs replacing, you can then choose what part(s) you want replacing and we can give you a quote, you will find we are very affordable and honest and will carry out the job as efficiently as possible. Many of customers use this service for their MOT preparation.

To get more information about our fantastic service, please call us any time on 01257 457574 or 07442 531 999.